Megan Oglesby is the driving force behind Carolina Core FC, MLS NEXT Pro. As Principal Investor and Managing Partner, Megan's passion for community has paved the way for an exciting venture that extends far beyond the soccer field. She has set a foundation for the organization that aims to give opportunity to those with untapped potential while fostering economic growth throughout the region.


"By bringing the world's game to the NC Core through first class professional soccer, we will reduce the barrier of access in the sport to lift up the community both on and off the field. This is far more than a financial investment for our group, this will be an investment into individuals with untapped potential and a major driver of economic development." -Megan Oglesby, Principal Investor of Carolina Core FC


Megan’s vision for bringing soccer the Core through MLS NEXT Pro and MLS NEXT, a fully funded youth Academy, will connect our community through the world’s game. People will have the opportunity to know more of their neighbors, support more businesses and experience something fun together!

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