MLS NEXT Pro Goal of Matchday 6: Cole Mrowka

This week, Cole Mrowka's stunning strike took Matchday 6 honors on the Twitter poll. The goal by Mrowka, who was also this matchday's MLS NEXT Rising Star, helped spark Crew 2's comeback on their way to a 3-2 win over Inter Miami II in front of the Capybara faithful. Mrowka's strike garnered over 55% of the votes, nearly 35 percent more than second-place Hope Avayevu's goal, which captured 19.7%. That margin is the largest this season. Damian Rivera received 18.9 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, Moises Tablante's game-winner for OCB got the remaining 5.8 percent.

GOAL: Cole Mrowka, Columbus Crew 2 - 72nd minute