2023 MLS NEXT Pro Decision Day Scenarios

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Decision Day is upon us!

The final two playoff positions are available in each conference which will make Sunday, September 24 an action-packed and high-stakes day with plenty of teams scoreboard-watching in addition to trying to take care of their own business. 

Here are the official scenarios for the remaining cast of playoff hopefuls:



MNUFC2 clinches a playoff spot:
1) MNUFC 1 or more points
2) Earthquakes regulation loss
3) HOU 2 or fewer points

1) Earthquakes 2 or more points
2) Earthquakes shootout loss + MNUFC regulation loss
3) Earthquakes shootout loss + HOU 2 or fewer points
4) HOU 1 or fewer points

1) HOU regulation win + MNUFC regulation loss
2) HOU regulation win + Earthquakes 1 or fewer points
3) HOU shootout win + Earthquakes regulation loss

Playoff Qualification

• 7 teams qualify from each Conference

• Conference qualifiers include 2 Division Champions + the next 5 teams with the most points

• Seeding/Hosting is based on playoff pick'em


1. Total Number of Wins (in regulation)

2. Goal Differential

3. Goals For

4. Shootout Wins

5. Away Goals Differential

6. Away Goals For

7. Home Goals Differential

8. Home Goals For

9. Fewest Disciplinary Points

10. Coin Toss (tie of two Clubs) or Drawing of Lots (tie of three or more Clubs)