Recruitment and Selection Policy

Rochester New York Football Club (RNYFC)

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the recruitment and selection of staff to RNYFC. RNYFC acknowledges and is committed to being accountable for the effective and consistent implementation of this policy to ensure fair recruitment procedures.


When a vacancy for a position within the club arises, an initial evaluation will take place regarding the suitability of the position being advertised internally (for existing staff only) or externally to the general public. The Club will advertise all external vacancies on the RNYFC website. The Club aims at all times to recruit the person who is most suited to the particular job. Recruitment will be solely on the basis of the applicant's abilities and individual merit as measured against the criteria for the job. Qualifications, experience, skills, personal and professional competencies will be assessed at the level that is relevant to the job. A specified deadline date will be clearly stated for applications. This deadline date is non-negotiable and only candidates who have met the deadline will be considered for the role applied for.

Job Description and Employee Specification

Where a vacant post is to be filled, a job description and employee specification will be produced and available on the club’s website.


Once the deadline date has passed all applications will be evaluated for their suitability to the post applied for. All shortlisted applicants will receive notice of their success at this stage within two weeks after the deadline date and will be given further details of the next stage of the recruitment process (i.e. interview schedule, requirements, etc.).


We will follow up on references for all successful candidates.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

RNYFC is committed to equal opportunities at all stages of recruitment and selection. Shortlisting, interviewing and selection will always be carried out without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion/belief or any other characteristics protected by federal, state or local laws.

All recruitment decisions will be made with the knowledge and permission of the club’s ownership group.