Jamie Vardy, Owner

Jamie Vardy’s story is one of the greatest sporting fairytales of all time. He went from working the factory floor and playing non-league football to becoming a Premier League Champion in 2015-16. Leicester City and Jamie’s odds to win the Premier League that season were 5000-1 and has gone down as one of the greatest sporting underdog stories to have ever occurred. During the title winning season, Jamie entered the Guinness book of Records for breaking a Premier League goal scoring record by scoring in 11 consecutive Premier League matches! In the 2020-21 season Jamie became the only player in the history of the FA Cup (the oldest cup competition in World football) to not only win the trophy in 2021-22 but become the only player to have ever played in every single round of the competition. To add to his achievements, Jamie became the oldest winner of the Golden Boot by scoring 23 goals in the 2019-20 season and also represented his country England in a World Cup semi-final and European Championships.

Jamie co-founded his own football academy called ‘V9’ which was set up to discover players coming from non-league and give them a chance to become a professional player. The academy was a huge success and successfully placed 23 players from non-league to professional football. The academy’s biggest success story was Sam Macallum who transferred for £3 million to Norwich City. The RNY FC owner is one of the top 20 goal scorers in Premier League history and continues to score goals and perform at the highest level for Leicester City FC.

Jamie is from Sheffield in South Yorkshire and is married to Rebekah and they have 5 Children and 4 dogs.

Fun Facts. Jamie is famous for ‘having a party’ and brewing his own Skittle Vodka