Season Ticket Relocation Instructions
Season Ticket Relocation Instructions

How do I add on seats?

  1. If you are looking to add on a seat next to your current location or add on additional seats in another location, you will need to contact your service rep.
  2. Seats can be added on via the virtual venue if you are relocating all of your current seats to that new location, then you may add on the seat(s) from there.

How many seats can I add on?
You are able to have a total of 8 seats for the 2024 season. If you would like more than eight seats please contact your membership services representative.

How do I pay the price difference for my new seats?
Upon confirming your new seats, the difference in price will either be paid in full or factored into your existing payment plan, depending on which plan you originally selected.

Why are other people able to go ahead of me?
Your relocation window is assigned based on your tenure with the club. The earlier you purchased season tickets, the earlier your window will be.

Can I still relocate my seats once my window has passed?
Your relocation window will stay open until you choose a new seat location. The available inventory will continue to change as other Season Ticket Members relocate. If you don't see your desired seats at the start of your relocation window, feel free to continue to check back.

When does the relocation period end?
The online relocation period ends on October 22nd at 11:59 PM. Final relocation orders can be taken by phone on October 23rd.