Join your friends to watch and root for RNY FC! Take advantage of our different food trucks, wave your scarves, chant, and make memories. With group tickets, you can experience pre-game, game time, and post-game with all your friends! Contact our group tickets team for more information.

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Group Tickets FAQ

Where do we park?
Upon arrival, your groups can park in lot G at the MCC turf field.

Will everyone be able to sit together?
Everyone will be able to sit together.

How many people are considered a group?
The minimum number of people for a group is 10 people.

How much do group tickets cost?
Group ticket prices vary, depending on the match, and the number of people in your group.

Can I be refunded or exchange my group tickets?
Refunds and exchanges are unavailable at this time.

Can I add tickets to my group?
Yes, tickets can be added, at any time, based on availability.