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A groundbreaking initiative that is set to revolutionize youth soccer development in our region. CCFC Academy is launching with the MLS NEXT league for the 2024 season starting with two teams - U13 and U14. We are proud to announce our Academy will be a fully funded program for players, which aims to break down the financial barriers typically associated with high-level youth soccer and provide young players with an unprecedented opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Operated under the Carolina Core Soccer Foundation, the Carolina Core FC Academy is committed to creating a level playing field where every child, regardless of their socioeconomic background, can chase their aspirations of a professional soccer career. Our academy's revolutionary approach eliminates the pay-to-play model, ensuring that talent and potential, rather than financial means, become the primary factors in a player's journey. With an estimated cost of over $20,000 per player annually, this opportunity enables young athletes to compete against the best in the country, fostering their skills and exposing them to unparalleled opportunities for growth and development.

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Your support is vital in empowering young athletes and driving the growth of youth soccer in our community. By making a donation, you are directly contributing to the success and development of Carolina Core FC Academy (MLS NEXT).

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Carolina Core FC Academy stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring players in this region, aiming to transform the landscape of youth soccer and empower young athletes from all walks of life to dream big, pursue excellence, and reach the highest level of the sport they love. 

Join Carolina Core FC Academy and be a part of this extraordinary free play model that is revolutionizing  youth soccer.  Together, let’s create a future where talent knows no boundaries and dreams become reality.

You are the Future. You are NEXT.

Current membership includes 133 clubs, 590 teams, 11,000+ players across the U.S. and Canada and features over 90% of the current youth national team player pools.