Chattanooga Football Club runs programs focused on reading literacy, financial literacy, teacher appreciation, career and sports panels and through female student-athlete recognition:

1. Reading Literacy: This initiative promotes literacy by organizing a reading program. Participants, especially children and adolescents, are encouraged to participate based on their eagerness to enhance their reading skills and their enthusiasm for exploring the world of literature. CFC players and staff will visit local classrooms, particularly 1-3 grades where the gap in reading literacy is first noticed, read to the students and challenge them to read 3 books in one month. Each student will be given a bookmark to track their reading, monitored by trusted adults. Once the reading log is complete, students can bring their completed bookmark to CFC to claim a free ticket to a regular season CFC game, along with a discount code for additional tickets so their families can join.

2. Financial Literacy: This program aims to help individuals grow their skills related to budgeting, saving, spending, and other financial topics.

3. Teacher Appreciation: This recognition program acknowledges outstanding teachers for their dedication and impact on students' lives. Teachers are nominated by students, parents, and colleagues based on their teaching methods, innovation, and positive influence in the classroom.

4. Career and Sports Panels: Career and sports panels invite successful professionals and athletes to share their experiences and insights. Participants are students and young adults with a keen interest in specific careers or sports.

5. Female Student-Athlete Recognition: This recognition highlights exceptional female student-athletes in the community. Candidates are nominated by coaches and teachers, based on their achievements in academics, sports, and leadership qualities both on and off the field.