2024 Season Policies for Matchday
2024 Season Policies for Matchday
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Photographers and videographers are permitted to shoot Chattanooga Football Club events from behind the field sign boards in either end line. You may also shoot on the sideline opposite the benches between the end line and the 18-yard line. The attacking direction of the teams is determined by a coin toss. Following the coin toss, photographers and videographers must pick one end of the field to shoot for the entire half. The ONLY time photographers may change ends is at halftime and should do so on the side opposite the team benches.

At no time are photographers or videographers allowed on the field of play or inside the locker room. Access to the end line nearest the locker room is not allowed 10 minutes before and during the player walkout or during the player entrance/exit to the locker room at halftime. Please wait until the players have left this area before entering.


Media credentials are issued with the purpose of providing access to interviews and written, audio and visual accounts of the game as appropriate. Media members should not use access for autographs, personal photographs or commercial requests.

Media credentialed for access to shoot photographs and video are expected to use professional equipment to file photographic or video accounts. Use of equipment such as ‘point and shoot’ style cameras or mobile telephones that are not considered professional equipment will result in access being restricted or rescinded.

No Chattanooga Football Club apparel will be allowed in the press box  or in media-designated areas on field level (except by CFC staff). Cheering will not be permitted in media-designated areas. These areas are for working media only.


Chattanooga Football Club will make at least two players and the head coach available for post-game interviews inside the media room next door to the locker rooms. 

Working media should not conduct interviews on-field, as this may delay the start of the press conference with other media waiting in the media room. 

If you would like to conduct a post-game interview with a specific player, please notify a member of the communications team in advance.

We will be glad to help to facilitate so the player or coach is aware. Because of pressing deadlines, television and newspaper crews will receive priority for post-game interviews. Thank you for helping us provide that professional courtesy.


Chattanooga Football Club will not generally credential media looking to cover a Chattanooga Football Club event only for social media purposes. This means someone looking to provide coverage of a match for social media sites not limited or restricted to; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., will be considered for a press credential on a case basis but in most cases will not be accommodated for a press credential.


Chattanooga Football club permits credentialed reporters to report on behalf of their media organizations through social media channels or personal accounts. Chattanooga Football Club permits pictures to be taken from the press box for social media reporting purposes but prohibits the collection of any type of video from the press box. Doing so may result in revocation of press credentials.


Social Media: Video and photography that is captured from field level or sidelines with this Credential may not be disseminated on individual personal social media platforms, unless it is an individual journalist’s account that is clearly associated with his or her media organization, without written permission from Chattanooga Football Club. Social media includes, but is not limited to, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. A direct link back to your media organization’s website with the above footage is allowed as long as the footage complies with the Credential policy.

The term “credential” refers to the current season Media pass/badge that allows bearers access to the north sideline, corner flag areas, and press box.

This credential provides identification and entry into Chattanooga Football Club events. It must be worn in full view at all times and is not transferable.

Each individual (“Bearer”) using this credential for access to any Chattanooga Football Club game or related events including, without limitation a practice, press conference, interview, or other activity associated with such Chattanooga Football Club (CFC) game or related events (the “Events”), on behalf of his or her employer or assigning news organization (“Employer”), agrees to the following:

Each Bearer must be and hereby represents that he or she is acting on a specific assignment for a media agency and has a legitimate working function in conjunction with the Event attended.

The credential is not transferable and may be revoked at any time with or without cause.

In the event that the name or likeness of the Bearer is included in any broadcast, telecast, photograph, film, video or other media taken in connection with the Events, the Bearer grants CFC the non-exclusive, transferable, perpetual right and license to use (and to sub-license the use of) such name and likeness in any media worldwide whether now known or thereafter devised.

The use of any account, description, picture, photograph, video, audio, reproduction, or other information concerning the Events other than for news coverage of or stories about, the Events is prohibited, except with the prior written consent of CFC or its designee. Nothing in these terms and conditions authorizes or allows Bearer to violate any of the CFC trademarks, copyright and other proprietary rights.

Any secondary use of any video of photographs of the Events taken by the accredited organization or individual to whom this credential has been issued (including, but not limited to, non-editorial, advertising, sales promotion or merchandising) is prohibited without prior specific written approval of CFC or its designee.

Neither the Bearer nor the entity that engaged the Bearer may sell photos or video taken at the Events to third-party entities including but not limited to other commercial entities or the general public.