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Pride Month Community Spotlight: Elizabeth Haley

Elizabeth Haley

Chattanooga Football Club is proud to recognize Elizabeth Haley, founder of B4CK and executive director at The Seed Theatre in Chattanooga.

Pride has always been a part of Elizabeth Haley’s life, but it really came to fruition when her oldest child came out as transgender. Since then, her relationship with the gay community and the city of Chattanooga has blossomed.

"Building community amongst queer folks here in Chattanooga has been amazing, and I’m so glad to call Chattanooga my home!"

What Pride means

Pride may be one month in the United States, but for Haley, it is a year-round celebration. The month of June is a highlight for adults and children alike, celebrating everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

"Pride is a chance for queer youth to see adults living and loving who we are. And it’s a chance for queer adults to encourage and love our youth for who they are. For me, Pride is nothing without celebrating our kids, and while many organizations shy away from youth, we welcome them with open arms and really work to support them specifically during Pride season."

It’s not just for those in the community, but also those who can support the community in any way possible.

"Finding your chosen family is a crucial part of surviving being queer in the South. Everyone can show up as an ally all year, not just in June."

Involvement for Pride

Haley has taken activism to a new level, working as the executive director of The Seed Theatre.

The Seed Theatre is an organization supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+, BIPOC and their allies through art, performance and community. Their influence in the community is for more than just LGBTQ+ people, it is for all of Chattanooga.

"Seed has grown to one of the largest queer organizations in the area, and we thrive in spaces where mutual aid and activism are crucial to the city’s success due to our focus on found family and building community."

Through Seed Theatre’s work for the LGBTQ+ community, they have been able to help other marginalized communities. All Chattanoogans are seen and supported with Haley’s work.

"Because of our work, we have helped many young queer people find safety, love and acceptance. But we don’t just work to better the queer community. We believe our activism must be intersectional to truly bring societal change."

Through the work of people like Haley in Chattanooga and for the LGBTQ+ community, she proves that every day is a day to be an ally.