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PREVIEW: Preseason matches head to Fort Finley

Head Coach Rod Underwood looks on during the Blastoff Battle in Huntsville, Alabama

Chattanooga FC host UPSL side Uma FC on Saturday, February 24th at 3:00 p.m. ET in a preseason match exclusively open for 2024 season ticket holders. Don't have yours yet? Get it today to enjoy this latest perk!

Chattanooga Football Club have reached the halfway point in preseason preparations ahead of the club's inaugural MLS NEXT Pro season. After a successful weekend at the Blastoff Battle invitational tournament in Huntsville, winning each of its two matches, CFC will next host UPSL side Uma FC on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. ET at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga recently caught up with Head Coach and Sporting Director Rod Underwood to get his reflections on Blastoff Battle and the team's preparations during preseason so far.

“I thought it was good [on Blastoff Battle], I didn't really know what to expect just because in preseason you play a game on Friday and play a game on Sunday with a quick turnaround,” said Underwood. “But we had enough bodies, and we played it right that we came out of it and guys got what they needed."

Coach Underwood went on to give his overall assessment of preseason at the midway point.

“I’m feeling good,” said Underwood. “I’m enjoying the coaching aspect of it and getting a chance to teach the guys because it is a new group, so we’re teaching and they’ve been really receptive. It's stretching me as a coach, to continue to find ways to connect with them and show them the right ways. We're also managing everything with guys still to get in and training with everyone who is here, so that they'll be prepared."

Anatolie Prepelita celebrates scoring the second goal

We asked Coach Underwood about the unique aspect of having trialists in the squad and how he’s used personal experience to guide the current CFC trialists.

"Yeah, I said just be yourself, and do your thing. What I tell them is that they made this level way before I even knew them, and they’ve done it. I'm just here to come alongside and be of assistance in some way. Their ability has already got them to this point, so just trust in that ability."

Fans can expect, “extended minutes” as CFC tries to keep their preseason clean sheet in order.

This weekend’s match against Uma FC is open exclusively to 2024 season ticket holders and will be the first time this year that Finley Stadium will have CFC spectators.

Fans can expect, “extended minutes” for some players as CFC aims to keep their record of not conceding a single goal during preseason intact.

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