Carolina Core FC Unveils Official Brand Identity: A Symbol of Unity, Strength, and Tradition

CCFC logo over black background

High Point, NC | September 15, 2023 - Carolina Core FC (CCFC), the newest independent club in MLS NEXT Pro, is thrilled to announce the official unveiling of its brand identity and logo, marking a momentous chapter in the club’s history. The creation of this unique visual identity has been a collaborative effort with our dedicated team committed to capturing the essence of the Core region. 

“We wanted to create a logo that transcends soccer and becomes a timeless symbol for our community,” said Evan Mitz, Chief Operations Officer of Carolina Core FC. “This new brand identity represents the heart and soul of the Carolinas, and we believe it embodies our core values of unity, strength, and tradition.”

During the logo design process, extensive conversations were held with CCFC staff to gain a deep understanding of our region’s identity. Questions were posed about what the Core region is known for, its defining colors, the words that best describe it, the people in the Core, and what makes the region truly unique. This collaborative approach ensures that the logo authentically reflects the spirit of the Carolina Core. 

Ramsey Caudle, Vice President of Brand and Merchandise, emphasized the importance of this collaborative effort: “The Carolina Core FC logo is versatile, timeless, and uniquely ours. It captures the very essence of what makes the Core region so special.”

The Carolina Core FC logo is a circular crest that artfully incorporates elements representing the region’s identity:

  • The sunset signifies renewal, symbolizing the beginning of each game as an opportunity for fresh starts and the creation of a legacy of greatness.
  • The mountains, standing tall together, represent strength and stability, reflecting the unyielding support of our fans, players, and community.
  • The red fox, the focal point of the logo, embodies the spirit of competition. This clever and adaptable predator thrives in the Core’s diverse landscapes, both urban and suburban, making it the perfect emblem for Carolina Core FC. 

In addition to these elements, the choice of colors for the logo holds deeper significance. The vibrant teal, green, yellow, orange, and red hues represent the landscapes of the Core region:

  • Teal reflects the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an iconic part of the Core’s landscapes.
  • Green represents the lush trees and natural surroundings of the Carolinas. 
  • Yellow and Orange are inspired by the breathtaking North Carolina sunsets with warm and inviting colors.
  • Red symbolizes the rich clay soil that underlies the Core, representing the strong foundation upon which our community stands.

Kristen Moore, Marketing and Communications Manager shared her thoughts on the logo’s significance: “By integrating elements of the nature found in the Core, such as the mountains, sunset, and the red fox, our logo celebrates the region’s beauty and diversity. Carolina Core FC is more than a soccer club; it's a movement that unites the entire region through the game of soccer.” 

Carolina Core FC celebrated its brand and logo reveal last night, September 14th, at Gypsy Road Brewing in Kernersville with over 600 people in attendance. The atmosphere was electric, with a live DJ and supporters group setting the tone and fans enthusiastically embracing the new club identity. The event was a true celebration of unity and community, perfectly reflecting the club’s core values.

One of the standout highlights of the night was the overwhelming demand for the new Carolina Core FC merchandise, which was made available for purchase at the event and is now conveniently accessible on the team shop at Fans wasted no time, adorning themselves with the club’s fresh apparel, proudly displaying their support for Carolina Core FC. 

Carolina Core FC invites fans, partners, and the entire Core community to embrace this new chapter and join us in celebrating our shared identity. Together we will climb mountains, chase sunsets, and march ahead with the clever fox. We stand proudly united as one Core, one community, and one club. 

CCFC Updates

CCFC has sold out of several sections in the stadium - fieldside seating, suites, loges, all sideline sections, and section 111 of the Catalyst Club. As sections of the stadium continue to sell out, Carolina Core FC is thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to secure their seats at affordable prices with monthly payment plans available. To reward their founding fans and loyal supporters, each season seat purchase will include a free game jersey, allowing fans to proudly display their team colors and support Carolina Core FC in style. 

Fans interested in purchasing season tickets can do so by visiting

Carolina Core FC is thrilled to bring professional soccer to the Core of North Carolina and is looking forward to a successful inaugural season in 2024. Don't miss the action; join us as we make history and become a part of the Carolina Core FC family today! 

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