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AAPI Month Community Spotlight: Angela Poffenbaugh

AAPI Month Community Spotlight: Angela Poffenbaugh

Chattanooga Football Club is proud to recognize Angela Poffenbaugh, Director of Communications and Marketing at The Company Lab.

Angela Poffenbaugh is a vibrant leader and advocate for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. An Asian adoptee herself, Poffenbaugh's journey and contributions during AAPI Heritage Month exemplify the power of representation and community engagement in a city enriched by diversity.

Bridging communities and celebrating diversity

For Poffenbaugh, AAPI Heritage Month transcends mere celebration; it is a crucial platform for illuminating the diverse tapestry of the Asian-American community.

"Highlighting the Asian-American and Pacific-Islander community is so crucial, especially in a city like Chattanooga," said Poffenbaugh, underscoring the importance of recognizing the unique backgrounds and accomplishments within this vibrant group.

She celebrates not only entrepreneurs and corporate leaders but also first-generation college students and others who are making significant impacts. “The range of people in this community is incredible,” added Poffenbaugh, appreciating the breadth of stories and achievements that define the Asian-American experience. Through her advocacy, Poffenbaugh strives to ensure that these narratives are celebrated and acknowledged throughout Chattanooga and beyond.

Poffenbaugh’s Chattanooga story

Poffenbaugh’s arrival in Chattanooga during the challenging peak of the pandemic could have been daunting due to prevailing stereotypes around the Asian-American community. However, the warmth and empathy she encountered transformed her perception and experience of the city.

"Chattanooga's community showed warmth, empathy, and kindness... This place is now a second home and I couldn't ask for anything better,” shared Poffenbaugh.

Celebrating and sharing heritage

Poffenbaugh's pride in her heritage shines brightly as she supports local Korean businesses and educates others about cultural traditions.

"I'm so proud to represent all the Korean-American adoptees out there," she expressed. "Not just that either—I'm proud to celebrate and introduce Korean culture to my friends, families, and colleagues here in Chattanooga and across the country. Whether it's supporting local Korean restaurants and businesses or simply teaching cultural traditions, I'm thrilled to be representing and helping find resources for this kind, brave, and innovative group of people."

Her efforts demonstrate a profound commitment to not only cherish her roots but also to ensure they are recognized and respected within the broader Chattanooga community.

Engagement with Chattanooga FC

Poffenbaugh’s engagement with Chattanooga extends to her enthusiasm for local sports, particularly Chattanooga FC. Her first game experience at Fort Finley was transformative, captivating her with the community spirit and the thrill of the match.

"The spirit is infectious... We're all in it together. We're going ALL in,” she recalled, capturing the communal vibe that keeps her coming back.

Poffenbaugh’s story highlights the rich tapestry of identities and experiences within the Asian-American community in Chattanooga. Her leadership at The Company Lab and her advocacy work contribute significantly to building bridges and celebrating the multifaceted nature of AAPI identity.

Her efforts to ensure every voice is heard and valued make her a pivotal figure in both the AAPI community and the broader Chattanooga area.

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