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AAPI Month Community Spotlight: Michael Flores

Michael Flores, designer of AAPI Heritage Month x CFC shirt

Chattanooga Football Club is proud to recognize Web Developer and AAPI Artist Michael Flores.

Michael Flores, a dedicated supporter of Chattanooga Football Club and a proud Filipino-American, stands as a beacon of community spirit and cultural pride in Chattanooga. Since making the move from Annapolis, Maryland to Chattanooga in 2019, Flores has immersed himself in the local soccer scene while championing diversity and inclusion.

Soccer, service and artistic expression

From the moment he arrived, Flores felt the warmth of Chattanooga’s welcoming embrace.

“The Chattanooga, and pretty much all of the Tennessee vibe, was already welcoming,” said Flores, reflecting on his swift integration into the community.

His passion for soccer led him to connect with Chattanooga FC and the Chattahooligans, where he found camaraderie and friendship.

“I love a good story, and I’ve followed CFC’s since just before 2019," said Flores, underscoring his deep connection to the club’s rich history.

AAPI Month design

As a designer and artist, Flores' contributions to this year’s AAPI celebration are profound. His creative vision has shaped the graphic design and merchandise to be used throughout the month, infusing them with cultural authenticity and inclusivity.

“For AAPI related work, it goes back to wanting to make sure I could incorporate an accurate reflection of as many groups as possible,” explained Flores, highlighting his commitment to representing the diversity within the AAPI community.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Flores' Filipino heritage influences his approach to community engagement, emphasizing service and impact. “My heritage influences my life and work through service. I enjoy giving my time and talents where it is needed and can have an impact."

Chattanooga FC is proud to celebrate Flores' story as it serves as a testament to the power of cultural expression and community involvement.

His aspiration to serve his city and club reflects a commitment to fostering inclusivity and unity. This month, we honor Flores for his advocacy, creative contributions and unwavering dedication to celebrating the diverse tapestry of Chattanooga’s AAPI community.

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